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Beautiful Black Business of May - SIN Clothing by Von

Sin-Clothing, an apparel brand based out of Washington state that specializes in custom, handmade hats. Each hat is unique so go cop up and stand out this summer! Visit: for more!

“S.I.N. Clothing stands for Strength in Numbers because I know that together, we can all succeed. The brand launched in 2017, but started to really take off in 2018 because of innovative stylings for distressed hats and clothing. Von (Shavondra Johnson) describes her business logo as ‘a representation of who I am.’ The quill symbolizes my love for writing, especially that of legendary poets like Maya Angelou. My passion for music comes through in the music notes. The heart stands for love – love that we show each other, the love that drives our passions, and the love that is needed so much more in the world right now. From this business, I want to bring my customers happiness with every purchase, breathing new life into what you wear.”