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Beautiful Black Business of March - Heart on a Sleeve Clothing

The Beautiful Black Business for the month of March is Heart-on-a-Sleeve Clothing (HOS). Debuted in November 2015, Reggie created the brand using his last $20. He describes HOS as “representing the passion behind whatever it is you love to do.” His broken heart symbol represents the love for your passion and the struggles you endure while pursuing it. All clothing is hand-made by Reggie himself, so each piece is custom. In November 2017, I purchased a custom sweatshirt for the 4:44 concert in Brooklyn. I received a ton of compliments on my “Story of OJ” piece. I’ll definitely be purchasing more and you should invest in his pieces as well.

Check out his dope work in person! On April 24, 2019 he’s hosting a fashion show at Scenario in Pittsburgh,PA.

IG: Oreginalpix
Facebook - Reggie Howze