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Beautiful Black Business of February - TheBlairisms

The Beautiful Black Business this week is The Blairisms. Previewed in Dec 2016 and officially launched in Jan 2017, The Blairisms is a line of products and apparel that creators,Blair and Brandon, describe as “inspiration, reflection and laughter”. From shirts that scream resistance like “No I Do Not Yield”, “Not 👏🏽 My👏🏽 President”, and the infamous “Eaux”, you are bound to find things that suit your taste and style.

Find out more in this week’s podcasts and be sure to go to to check out all that they have to offer.

Use promo code LCRUZ10 to receive a percentage off of your purchase.

And for your dose of positivity, I’ll leave you with one of The Blairisms that spoke to me years ago:

“If you’re reading this, remember...don’t forget to be your own inspiration.”