Born and raised in a small town in North Carolina, I found my voice quickly when I became a teenager. My dad always says, “What happened to the days when you would just say ‘Yes’ when I asked you do something or you didn’t have an opinion on everything?” I have no idea. One thing that people who know me will always say is that you will always know how I feel. It is either going to show in my face or its going to be heard in my tone. There was a time where I would apologize for it, but truthfully, it is who I am and if something you say or do spawns a facial expression as a response…then, well…it was probably appropriate for the moment lol. I am a self-proclaimed nerd. I love reading up on new technology, playing videos, and most things that are supernational or feature comic book characters. Janet Jackson is BAE and I have dreams and aspirations to live in her guest house so that we can keep our relationship a secret from the public eye.

What Brings The Rude Out: Disrespecting the black community or the gay community, Trump’s existence and people that lack edges. Like really? Why don’t you have edges? Where did they go? Do you lack love in your life? 

Quote That I Live By: Love yourself and your edges.