Episode 35

35: Parles-tu français? WEE WEE


October 9th, 2019

1 hr 19 mins 27 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Hon hon! Croissant! Wee wee! Don't mind us. Urban Laughter swore she was French one day and...here we are. This week, we are talking Dihann Carrol, mothers in sports, Amber Guyger's trial and sentencing, and Tyler Perry officially opening one of the largest movie studios ever. Even if we don't like his movies, we have to love his journey and how he is always 100% unapologetic about wanting to contribute as much as he can to the black community. We are taking this shot of tequila to salute you!

In Rude Talk, it is all about part two of our cancel culture discussion because, of course, Kanye is still doing stupid ish, then we move into discussing a form of financial abuse that isn't really discussed (gotta listen to find out), and a text conversation where we go back and forth about who we think was truly at fault.

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