Episode 10

10: Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!


April 17th, 2019

1 hr 48 mins 6 secs

Season 1

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Get ready, bawheads. This one was a little longer, but it was great. With Episode 10, we bring you all kinds of goodness. First, welcome to the new look of The Rude Urban Truth. Then, we have two guests, Crystal and Aerial, who are twins that both have their own businesses in Raleigh, North Carolina. Aerial is currently the Beautiful Black Business of the month with Knittings & Things and Crystal is the owner and sole operator of Crissy Shined Nails. We’re talkin’ about trash #CandaceOwens (can we throw her away!?), #KodakBlack and his usual outlandishness, and somehow JB fell out of his chair during the recording.

Check out the new The Rude Urban Truth website. There's more to come. Stay tuned, bawheads!